P.S. – Plastic in food containers

As mentioned by Dr. Servan-Schreiber in his talk at MD Anderson (subject of the previous post), plastics leach out harmful chemicals that have been repeatedly implicated in the development of cancer. And, since even glass containers have plastic lids, I want to address how you can minimize, or even avoid, contact between your food and the plastic lid of a glass container.

Tip #1

  • Let the food cool a little before putting the lid on. This prevents the hot steam from hitting the lid and condensing into water droplets that fall back into the food.

Tip #2

  • Place a sheet of wax paper between the lid of the container and the food in the container. Just tear off a sheet of wax paper that’s a little larger than your food container. Place the wax paper over the container and put the plastic lid on. The wax paper acts as a liner/barrier that prevents the droplets of water from collecting on the plastic lid and dropping back into the food!

So now you know how you can store your food in glass containers with plastic lids – and minimize or even prevent the exposure of your food to the plastic in the container’s lid.

But what about the exposure of your food to the water-laced plastic droplets  that form when you microwave your food under one of those splatter-proof plastic domes? In this case you are also  creating a little “microclimate” where the hot steam touches inside of the plastic dome, forms droplets and drips onto your food.

So what can you do about this?

Tip #3

If you used a wax paper liner under your container’s plastic lid when you refrigerated or froze your food, remove the wax paper and discard it. Cover your food with a fresh piece of wax paper. Because of the wax paper cover/barrier, you don’t need the splatter-resistant plastic dome! And, hey, a little clean-up in the microwave is a small price to pay for keeping plastics out of your food!

Enjoy and be healthy!



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