EGG WHITES: Egg White Puffs

Why egg whites?

Egg whites are a good source of protein and they’re fat free. (The fat and cholesterol in an egg are entirely in the yolk.) Because cooked egg whites are pretty tasteless, they need to be perked up with flavor, and that can come from healthy foods such as herbs, spices, and vegetables. So while egg whites, themselves, aren’t an anti-cancer food, the foods you make with egg whites can be great anti-cancer foods.


I used to make scrambled eggs (mostly egg whites) in large batches in non-stick pans and refrigerate them so it was easy to have some eggs for breakfast for the next few days. But recently I have come up with a better idea — Egg White Puffs – which just take minutes to make in the microwave. Now I whip up a batch or two at a time and refrigerate what we don’t eat that day so these delicious puffs are ready for breakfast the next day.


Extra-virgin olive oil

1 cup of egg whites

  • ½ of a 16-ounce carton of egg whites or the whites of about 6 eggs

Ground turmeric

Freshly ground black pepper

Aleppo pepper or any other hot or slightly hot dried pepper you like (optional)

  • Penzeys is a good source for Aleppo pepper and all herbs and spices.


Grease a silicone mini-muffin pan with olive oil; set aside.

Whip air into the egg whites using one of the following methods (optional):

  • Pour the egg whites into a 2-cup measuring cup. Use an immersion blender to whip the egg whites up so that they have an inch or so of foam on top.
  • Pour the egg whites into a blender and blend until nice and foamy.

Note: Whipping the egg whites as described above does not change the taste, it just makes the puff puffier, and I like that, but not everyone does.

Pour an equal amount of egg whites (whipped or not whipped) into the prepared mini muffin pan. If you have whipped the egg whites, most of the froth will remain in the measuring cup or blender. Use a teaspoon to evenly divide the froth among the muffin cups.

Sprinkle a little turmeric, black pepper, and Aleppo pepper (optional) on each one of the egg whites in the muffin pan.

  • Since I use turmeric a lot, I keep it in a jar with a shaker top (one that used to have cinnamon in it).

Put the filled muffin pan into the microwave oven and microwave on high for 2 minutes. You will see the egg whites puff up and then fall back somewhat.

  • In my microwave oven (but maybe not in all microwave ovens) the egg whites on the outside cook completely in 2 minutes, but those in the center need another 30 seconds.

Use a teaspoon to lift each of the cooked (no longer runny) puffs out of the muffin pan.

If needed, put the muffin pan back into the microwave oven for 30 seconds to cook the last two or three puffs that need more time. Then use a teaspoon to remove the last couple of cooked puffs.

Serve your Egg White Puffs with Sauted Herb Flavor Cubes or  Sundried Tomato Flavor Cubes or both.  They’re absolutely delicious and so very healthy!

Enjoy and be healthy,



4 thoughts on “EGG WHITES: Egg White Puffs

  1. Hi Leni!

    How long I would put the egg white puffs in the oven for if I’m using a regular muffin tin?


    1. Hi Jessica,

      To cook the Egg White Puffs in a metal mini muffin pan, preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

      Grease the metal mini muffin pan with olive oil.

      Pour egg whites into the muffin cups, up to ¾ of the way full. Sprinkle the contents of each mini muffin cup with turmeric, freshly ground black pepper, and a pinch of Aleppo pepper. Note: If you don’t have enough egg whites to make 12 mini muffins, just fill the empty muffin cups with water; this keeps your pan from warping.

      Place filled muffin pan in preheated oven and bake at 350 degrees for about 18 minutes (15-20 minutes) or until no longer liquid.

      Let the pan cool slightly. To make it easy to remove the Puffs, use a spoon to trace around the edges of each Puff. Remove the egg white puffs from the muffin pan and enjoy!


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