Note to Readers – A New Look

It’s been about six months since I started this blog. Now that the blog contains a lot more text and recipes, I think that a format that allows for easier navigation would be helpful. For this reason, I am going to experiment with a new look for this blog. But all the posts you’ve seen before will still be here! I would love to know what you think of the new format. Does it work for you? Please let me know by leaving a comment. Thanks!

Enjoy and be healthy,



2 thoughts on “Note to Readers – A New Look

  1. Leni: I do like the new format and thanks so much for doing this. I wish there were a “home” page and a way to get to it from other pages. I don’t want to feel like I may have missed anything.
    Thanks Again,

    1. Hi Kris,
      Thanks for your comment. I have not seen a blog format on WordPress that has a homepage. On the blog formats I’ve seen, the “homepage” is simply just the most current post. In other words, there’s not a fixed homepage from which you can navigate to the other pages. In this new blog format that I’m trying out now, you can navigate to other pages in several ways: by clicking on the “topics” shown in green to the right of each post, by scrolling down the page (from the most recent post to earlier ones), or by using the search box in the upper right hand corner of every page. If a post you are looking for does not show up when you click on one of the topics, you might want to try the search box.
      Also, you can, if you like, sign up to get emails when a new post is posted. I believe all you have to do is check the box below that says, “Notify me of new posts via email.”

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