Note to Readers: New format for posts

In most of my previous posts, at the beginning of the post, you will see a section called, “Why X ingredient?”  In that section, I try to summarize the reasons why one of the main ingredients in the recipe is considered to be an anti-cancer food.

But from here on out, you won’t find a “Why” section in the posts that contain a recipe.  That’s because, if an anti-cancer food has already been mentioned in a previous post, I will give you a link to the previous post. Then, if you want, you can read about why that food is considered to have anti-cancer properties. And if none of my previous posts explain why a particular ingredient has anti-cancer properties, I will create a new stand-alone post devoted to “Why x ingredient helps to prevent cancer” — and provide a link to the new post that’s just about the “Why” factor.

If all this sounds like mumbo-jumbo…well, it’s probably easier to experience this new format than to explain it.

Look for a new recipe post – with the new format – soon.

I hope you like it.

Enjoy and be healthy,



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