Check it out! Listen! Two fantastic one-hour presentations!

Brenda Davis, R.D.

In her one-hour presentation, “Designing an Optimal Plant-based Diet,” Brenda Davis (a registered dietitian who works in nutrition research) puts it all together — the BIG picture — the many things we need to consider in order to eat for optimal health. While she does not talk about diet and cancer prevention per se, she talks about the key features of an optimal plant-based diet. And, bottom line, a healthy anti-cancer diet is a plant-based (or mostly plant-based) diet that’s provides all the nutrients we need, and within that context, specifically incorporates foods known to have anticancer properties and avoids foods and cooking methods that promote carcinogenesis.

The key points from Brenda Davis’ talk, “Designing and Optimal Plant-bassed Diet,” are given in her slides and are posted on her website! The slides for her other presentations, can be found there too!

While those of you who visited this blog earlier know that I planned to post the key points of her talk here, I see now that there is no need for me to do so. It is far ar better for  you to get the key points from Brenda herself!

Video of another great presentation by Brenda Davis: Reclaiming Your Health: Lessons from the Marshall Islands. This video focuses on how diet has been shown to prevent and even reverse type II diabetes!

To learn more, check out Brenda Davis’ website and books….


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Enjoy and be healthy!



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