BREAKFAST and EXERCISE — good food and bone-building exercise

While most of the posts on my blog give recipes for my favorite healthy foods, I thought that for a change you might like to see  how I put several recipes together for breakfast.

What I eat before I exercise in the morning…

My morning starts with a nice big mug of green (usually decaffeinated) tea: I place about 1/4 cup of frozen fruit, (organic blueberries, organic strawberries, or pineapple tidbits – from Trader Joe’s) into a mug, add boiling water, and stir. The frozen fruit cools the water just enough so that it’s about the proper temperature for brewing green tea. Then I place 2 decaf tea bags into the mug and let it brew for a few minutes. Stir and sip! (To learn more about the heath benefits of green tea, the best temperature for brewing green tea, and how vitamin C helps make green tea even more beneficial for health, see Frozen Berries For Green Tea and follow the links from this post to previous ones. )

I mix plain fat-free Greek yogurt (which is regular yogurt with much of the liquid strained out), with Ceylon cinnamon, and then add some chopped walnuts on top. (To find out why cinnamon and, in particular, Ceylon cinnamon is so good for you, see Ceylon cinnamon.)

What I eat after I exercise in the morning…

A second cup of green tea with frozen fruit plus…

Breakfast is served!

As you can see in this photo, what I eat for breakfast is a bit unconventional. But it works for me!  The round things are just plain egg whites that have been baked in a non-stick muffin pan. As those of you know who have been reading this blog for some time, I used to mix herbs and veggies with the egg whites and then bake them. But I stopped doing that. Now, I put the vegetable and herb flavorings on top. It’s easier!

The red topping you see in the photo is just something I threw together  in the food processor.
Sorry I don’t have a recipe. But here’s what it includes:

  • Sun dried tomatoes packed in olive oil, drained
  • Canned artichoke hearts, drained (reserve liquid to add as needed to make the consistency you want)
  • Fresh fresh or frozen herbs such as basil, thyme, and oregano, or Monamiofood Pesto

EGG WHITES – in muffin pan

1 1/2 cartons liquid egg whites

Preheat oven to 300 degrees F.

Pour the liquid egg whites equally into a 12 muffin cup,  high-quality (heavy) non-stick pan.

Bake for 30 minutes.

Remove the muffin pan from the oven and a few minutes later, use a spoon to remove the muffins from the pan. I like to use the spoons made from corn starch (from Whole Foods) because they are so thin that they slip easily between the eggs muffin and the pan.

You can store these egg muffins in the refrigerator for a few days.

To assemble my plate in the morning, I put some frozen/defrosted organic spinach (or other greens such as steamed kale) onto a plate, sprinkle with organic lemon zest (fresh or frozen), 3 egg white muffins, each topped with a dollop of a flavorful vegetable mixture, such as the tomato-artichoke-herb concoction you see in the photo.

This plate just takes a minute to assemble when the egg white muffins and the vegetable topping are prepared ahead!

SWEET SOMETHING – Walnuts and Raisins

I often also have about 2 tablespoons of organic raisins and a few walnut halves – my favorite trail mix — and I usually enjoy this with a second cup of green tea.

Why do I eat this for breakfast? 

1. Green tea – It’s so good for you!

2. Veggies for breakfast —  If I get some veggies for breakfast, it’s a lot easier to get all the veggies that I want/need in a day.

3. Plenty of calories for breakfast — I want to get enough calories at breakfast so that I won’t be hungry for lunch until around 1:00 PM.

4. Lots of protein for breakfast — Recent research shows that protein, especially if consumed after exercise is effective at building and maintaining muscles and that;s important for building and maintaing bone. To learn more about all this protein, muscle, exercise stuff, see the article, Staying Strong: How Exercise & Diet Can Help Preserve Your Muscles, from Nutrition Action Health Letter, April 2011.


And…so this is what I eat these days for breakfast. And…just for fun…you might be interested to find out what people around the world eat for breakfast…


I am determined to build my bones and improve my balance – even if it takes me about 1 hour and 20 minutes almost every day!!! So after I’ve had my tea, and yogurt with berries, I grab my laptop and login to start exercising using Melio Guide – an online exercise program for treating and preventing osteoporosis. I have been following this program for a few months and have seen amazing improvement! (Note: I have no affiliation with Melio Guide. I just want to let others know about it since I think it’s a FANTASTIC program!)

Enjoy and be healthy!



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