Anti-Cancer Strategies: Fats and Fasting, a Revolutionary Weapon for an Aggressive Enemy

Hi folks! I’ve been very busy re-writing a blog post that will kick-off a series about soups. Meanwhile, I’d like to share this is a GREAT Eat and Beat Cancer blog post. It’s about how what you eat — or don’t eat — can help defend against cancer. It’s ground-breaking information — all in one post. Definitely worth reading and checking out the links !

Enjoy and be healthy!
~ Leni

And after the Eat and Beat Cancer post was reposted here, this post from Peter Attia’s Eating Academy caught my attention, and it’s definitely worth reading too!

Eat and Beat Cancer

Update: Ketogenic diets may not offer the solution that scientists hoped for, but looking at how cancer cells burn fuel for energy is for sure generating insight into how cancer grows and spread. Since this article was published, some scientists have found that cancers can switch to feeding on ketones, which are generated by fat. They’ve also added some fatty acids to the list of nutrients that cancer cells may feed on. Palmitic acid, which is in coconut, may feed cancer, especially in  people with certain genetic profiles. The good news is that scientists have also identified phytonutrients that keep cancer cells from using fatty acids as fuels. Among them, luteolin–present in radicchio, thyme, sage, parsley, celery flakes and seeds–is key. 

Is the war on cancer now witnessing its own D-Day, a turning point in the anti-cancer fight that will change the world for good?

With the recent settlement…

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2 thoughts on “Anti-Cancer Strategies: Fats and Fasting, a Revolutionary Weapon for an Aggressive Enemy

  1. Hi Leni,

    Great to get your Monamifood blog. Been on summer break at our lake house enjoying the p n q plus the sun’s rays. The reverse of what is happening in your part of the world, plenty of snow.

    Think about having a break from the winter one year- DC to San Fran then direct to NZ! Come be our guests, soups and salads provided.

    Have a nice day,

    Love Glenda

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