When Tomatoes are in Season, Make Gazpacho!

Gazpacho2Using the organic tomato “seconds” that I bought at the Reston Farm Market, I made a big batch of the components that go into gazpacho — but I didn’t actually make the gazpacho. Why not? Well, frankly, it’s easier to make the components in the kitchen and then let the diners do the finishing work at the table! And by the way, letting kids compose their own gazpacho at the table is like letting them play with food — and they love it!


Step 1. Using a high powered blender, puree the fresh tomatoes until you have a pulpy juice.

Tomatoes for GazpachoFresh Tomatoes Pureed for Gazpacho

Step 2. Juice a few fresh limes and then add a little lime juice to the pureed tomato juice.

Fresh Lime Juice

Step 3. Place the following on the table:

  • Pureed tomatoes mixed with a little lime juice (as explained above).
  • Cut up veggies for salsa. I used Sunbelt Fresh Organic Salsa from Costco (shown in photo below). If you don’t have this product, then use another fresh store-bought fresh salsa or make your own. The ingredient in the Sunbelt product are: chopped tomatoes, cucumber, green pepper, red pepper, onion, cilantro, lime juice, tomato juice, garlic, chili pepper, salt. It tastes just like cut up veggies. The seasonings are minimal.

Fresh Organic Salsa (Sunbelt) from Costco

  • Four fixings: Chopped jalapeno peppers, extra virgin olive oil, lime wedges, and salt.

Add ins for Gazpacho
After you’ve put the fresh tomato juice, salsa, and the four fixings on the table, your work is done! Now the diners take over and mix the ingredients, as they choose, in their individual bowls!  Don’t forget to make a bowl of gazpacho for yourself! 🙂

Enjoy and be healthy!


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