Technique: How to cool chicken broth

I just discovered a great way to cool the chicken broth I make from scratch every few weeks! Just toss a few pieces of Trader Joe’s (frozen) Chicken Breast Tenderloins into each jar of hot broth! This will quickly cool the broth down so you can put the jars into the freezer. But, REMEMBER, the chicken is still raw, and the raw chicken has contaminated the cooked broth — so be sure to cook the chicken and the broth fully before eating!

4 thoughts on “Technique: How to cool chicken broth

  1. Hi Leni,

    Great to get your Monamifood blog.

    We are all well here and have enjoyed our summer immensely. We have been to our lake house numerous times with the boys and friends. I am in the throes of organising my mother’s 90th birthday party ay 6th followed by my father in laws on May 20th.

    This idea of a cool chicken broth sounds like a simple way to get a flavoursome stock. Well done.

    Glenda x

  2. Such a good idea! Great to hear from you. Getting ready to leave to the Caribbean for a 7 day cruise. Leaving out of Charleston, SC and going with an old friend of ours Betty S. Doing well enough and discharged from MD’s until Sept. Regards to Charles and JT….Hugs, Toni

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