Save $ with Fish Stew


When following a recipe that calls for fish, many customers buy exactly the weight of fish that the recipe calls for. What does the supermarket do with the fish that had to be trimmed off? They sell “fresh fish for chowder” at $3.99 a pound — at least at my local Harris Teeter that’s what they do!

Need a basic recipe for a chowder? Try this Garlic and Tomato Fish Stew from the Washington Post of April 4, 2018. I made their recipe with a few minor modifications and it was great. Here are my modifications:

  • No potatoes
  • Substitute “fresh fish for chowder” for the cod fillets
  • To sauté, use avocado oil (refined to work with high heat) instead of olive oil
  • Use chopped canned tomatoes rather than whole tomatoes
  • Add more lemon zest
  • Add more parsley
  • Serve with lemon wedges
  • Drizzle some good olive oil over it before serving
  • Top with freshly grated Parmesan cheese or pesto, if desired

And here are my notes:

  • There may be bones in the fish! So run your fingers over the fish before cooking to detect the obvious bones that you can pull out. And eat slowly — always a good idea anyway!
  • Do not use salmon in chowder. Use white fish only.
  • If there’s salmon in your “fresh fish for chowder,” microwave (or bake) the pieces of salmon with lemon juice. Refrigerate (or freeze) the baked salmon. Then add to a fresh green salad with a few squeezes of lemon juice.




1 thought on “Save $ with Fish Stew

  1. Hello Leni,

    Will you be in Washington DC the second week in October. Richard and I are passing through and wondering if a visit is possible. A bit like last time on the “run” as we are going to the Blue Ridge Mountain area for our business.

    I really like the fish stew recipe.


    Glenda Webb

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