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Simple Cucumber, Tomato and Onion Salad


You’ve probably had cucumber, tomato and onion salad at picnics and family dinners. It’s a simple salad that everyone seems to like.

I like making this salad by tossing peeled half rounds of cucumber, sliced white onion, and chunks of fresh tomato with red wine vinegar and seasoned rice vinegar, to taste.

I use Marukan Seasoned Gourmet Rice Vinegar, which contains salt and sugar in a pleasing combination, but any seasoned rice wine vinegar will do.


Chopped Salad and Sardines

My lunch often consists of a large chopped salad and some canned sardines that have been rinsed with water and splashed with lemon juice (so no one at work can smell the sardines)! I love chopped fresh veggies, and I often prepare enough for a few days and store it in the refrigerator at work. Especially in the summer – but anytime of the year as well – I enjoy this healthy and low-carbohydrate lunch!

For more information on what I put into one of my favorite chopped salads and why I chose these veggies, see the short video/podcast that I did with my sister – who was kind enough to agree to participate without any notice at all. In fact, as soon as I called her on her cell phone to ask if she would work with me on this, she pulled over in her car and we did this video/podcast with her on her cell phone and me on my regular speakerphone.  So this video/podcast is totally unrehearsed, and yet I think it came out really well! I’m still amazed!

Since we did this podcast, I have come up with another idea I want to share with you. If you do not like sardines that much, you can get used to eating this very healthy fish, gradually. For example, you could bake a mild fish like Dover sole; let it cool; and then mix it in with the sardines. Over time, you can add more sardines and less sole. I made this half-half mixture and added LOTS of chopped fresh dill, and it was great!

Kitchen tips on how to do some of the things mentioned in the video:

Zest lemons or limes (and freeze the fresh juice in small quantities for use later)

One way to cut a ripe avocado into chunks and another way to cut a ripe avocado into chunks

Note: Wash the avocado before you cut into it!

Enjoy and be healthy!


Hot and Sour Soup with Extra Veggies

Hot and Soup Soup with Extra Veggies

Here’s one of my favorite – easy to make soup meals. It’s so easy you don’t need a recipe!

Start with hot and sour soup from a Chinese restaurant that makes good quality soup (not loaded with corn starch and msg).

Then at home, add plenty of vegetables plus some tofu — and you have a great, light soup meal!

So this is how I made our soup tonight…

I put the hot and sour soup from the restaurant into a pot on the stove over medium heat. (Our microwave is broken or I could have done this in the microwave in either one big bowl or in individual soup bowls.)

To the soup in the pot or bowl, add:

  • thinly sliced green or red cabbage
  • lightly sautéd sliced mushrooms
  • lightly sautéd (still crispy) diced onions
  • tofu, cut into bite-size cubes

Heat the soup until the cabbage is tender crisp.

Top each serving with:

  • thinly sliced green onions
  • chopped fresh cilantro

If you add a lot of veggies and tofu like I do, then the resulting soup will be like a bowl of veggies in a little broth – a nice light meal!

Enjoy and be healthy!